We provide snack boxes…and MORE!

From custom box design to flyers, BittiBite provides you with all types of promotional
material and opportunities to make your event successful!

Snack Boxes

BittiBite provides healthy snack boxes for all of your events: conferences, workshops, parties, etc. Let’s get started on your order today!

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Custom Graphics

You can use our design on your snack boxes or have your own brand. If you don’t have a designer, don’t fret! For a small fee, we can do it for you!

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Event Promo Material

Snacks are just a start! Let us help you with your other event needs by designing and printing your banners, flyers, t-shirts and more!

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Inspirational Messages

At BittBite, our mission is to inspire and empower leaders in all industries. We provide the motivation you need with a message in every snack bag!

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Advertise Your Brand

Do you have a new or existing brand that you’d like to promote? We will place your brand on our BittiBite boxes for a nominal fee for the event of your choice.

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Monthly Subscriptions

Can’t get enough of our delicious, healthy snacks?! Then subscribe to receive a 30-day supply monthly! Contact us for your monthly subscription quote.

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